I've decided to end the production of the series SOUNDS OF NEW ORLEANS. There is no interest for these discographies.



New Eurojazz Discos: 


EJD-229: Rein de Graaff

EJD-233: Cees Slinger

EJD-234: Harry Verbeke

EJD-235: Ruud Brink - Toon van Vliet

EJD-236Rob van Bavel 




Recently updated:


EJD-109: Joep Peeters



In France some interesting discographies of French musicians are now available:

1. Les Haricots Rouges (2015)

2. Orphéon Célesta + complement (2017)

3. Michel "Boss"Quéraud (2017)

4. Gilbert Leroux (2018)

5. Dumoustiers Stompers (2019)

6. François Rilhac (2019)

All compiled and published by Francis Lalubin.