I've decided to end the production of the series SOUNDS OF NEW ORLEANS. There is no interest for these discographies.


For American buyers: I am also prepared to send PDF files, to avoid problems with the customs.


From October 1, 2022 my printshop raised the prices, so each item now is more expensive.



Given my age, I have decided not to compile and publish new discographies anymore. In addition, I have recently been disappointed by three jazz musicians who were either not interested or unable or unwilling to help me. 

I have enjoyed this hobby for many years (since 1962) and achieved a lot, but now it's time to stop. 

Many thanks to all collaborators and "customers".


And yet I missed the "work". So I started a new discography again.


New Eurojazz Discos: 

EJD-240: Peter Müller (drums)

EJD-241: Jack van Poll 

EJD-242: Eric Ineke 





Recently updated:

EJD-21: Dutch Swing College Band 

EJD-100: Chris Barber (September 2023, 204 pages)


AJ-02: Scott Hamilton 


In France some interesting discographies of French musicians are now available:

1. Les Haricots Rouges (2015)

2. Orphéon Célesta + complement (2017)

3. Michel "Boss"Quéraud (2017)

4. Gilbert Leroux (2018)

5. Dumoustiers Stompers (2019)

6. François Rilhac (2019)

All compiled and published by Francis Lalubin.